Hydrotherapy Pool

The Aqua Hounds pool is a specialist canine hydrotherapy pool imported from the U.K. It is 4m x 2.5m and is heated to 30 degrees Celsius. The pool allows your dog to exercise with zero impact. It can be used to improve fitness, muscle strength and range of movement resulting from illness or injury but is also a valuable facility for weight management.


The pool is equipped with:

·         Non-slip internal and external ramp

·         Adjustable resistance jets

·         Heavy duty sand filter



The aquatic treadmill is a highly specialised tool built for canine rehabilitation and has been imported from the UK.

The treadmill’s glass sides enable the Hydrotherapist a 360 degree view of the dog in order to assess range of movement, stride length and gait.

 The water level can be altered to allow specific targeting of the joint or body part of interest. The speed can be varied to alter workout intensity and correct gait patterns. The incline can be adjusted to increase workout intensity.

Aquahounds -60.jpg

Walking in water provides buoyancy to the dog reducing weight bearing on the joints.  This allows the dog to safely exercise without the risk or further injury. The treadmill is a great way of re-teaching correct gait following surgery or injury. E.g. Hip replacements or cruciate repairs.

The treadmill is particularly useful for making the transition from water to dry land by gradually increasing the load on the affected limb.

For healthy dogs the treadmill may be used to increase fitness and stamina.

Aquahounds -10.jpg

The Treadmill is equipped with:

·         Non-slip entry and exit ramps

·         Forward and backwards belt direction

·         Side floats

·         360 degree viewing window

·         Ability to adjust water depth and speed

·         Heavy duty sand filter

·         3 Emergency stop buttons

·         Programmable training programs

·         Incline


All dogs are showered before each session in order to remove any debris and to acclimatise them to the water temperature.  A post treatment shower is provided to wash off the pool/treadmill water.

Drying is important after each treatment. The drying technique used is dependent on the animal’s temperament and condition. We have a blaster and also chamois towels to ensure your dog leaves the centre as dry as possible.

If you have a coat that your dog wears in the colder months please bring this along for them to wear once they finish their session.