What is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of pain, disease and an array of medical conditions. The use of hydrotherapy (or water healing) has been around for 1000’s of years, its benefits have been reported in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Persian and Hebrew civilisations.


What are the Benefits of Hydrotherapy?

The therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy are obtained by the combination of buoyancy, warmth and pressure from the water. Reduced weight bearing work in the pool or hydro-treadmill allows your dog to exercise with less pain and obtain greater range of movement, thereby improving their fitness and muscle tone.

Hydrotherapy is used in the treatment of a large variety of conditions including hip or elbow dysplasia, arthritis, ligament, tendon and muscle injuries, nerve damage, degenerative myopathy and obesity.

It is also used as pre-operative treatment for toning and strengthening prior to surgery without further damage to affected joints. In some cases hydrotherapy can reduce post-operative rehabilitation time.

 Post–operative rehabilitation can be immensely assisted by hydrotherapy, common examples include hip replacement, cruciate repair, bone fracture repair, spinal operations and joint fusion.

Hydrotherapy also improves fitness and stamina in working and agility dogs.